APOS - Auto Parts On Special.
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About APOS (Tel No. 086 110 0202)
Auto Parts On Special (APOS)) has been developed as a marketing tool to assist the Parts Reseller to sell their redundant parts.

Most Parts Resellers do not have the marketing vehicle to make these parts available outside their immediate domicile and in the end many of these parts have to and still are being destroyed.

During ongoing development of Point of Sale programs, online shopping carts and with the arrival of the new central cloud technology, a solution has been found on how to make it easier for the parts resellers to market these obsolete parts throughout Southern Africa.

Any Part Reseller can now, in their own time, access the APOS system in-house and list whatever parts they wish to make available. It no longer matters where in the country the Part Reseller is situated, they
can access the APOS system online with a secure access code and do all the capturing in-house.

In the past it was nearly impossible to match up the part number with the part description but with both the Fiche and APOS open all on one screen (in-house) any number of parts can now be captured in their own time and pace.

Any Part Reseller wishing to make use of the APOS service may apply to become a member. The moment the annual membership of R900 is paid, the DP will be issued with a secure password to access the service without having to install any software on their computer and immediately start capturing parts they wish
to make available to the public as well as the Professional Repairer.

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